Anna Bogomazova was born on April 7, 1990. For the members of her family, sports is more than hobby, it is profession and a way of life. Anna was born and grew up in Voronezh city. Sports were always played an important part in her family. Her father Vitaly Bogomazov, was a boxer .He is foster her love for sport. In 1995, when Anna was 5 years old, her parents decided to enroll her in a calisthenics school of sports.  Anna was doing calisthenics for 7 years. She has achieved the title of Master of Sports.  She won youth championships repeatedly. When Anna was 12 years old, her parents decided that she should quit. The reason for this was due to her height. Anna was too tall for this sport. (She was 170 cm. at the age of 12). From 2003 till 2004 Anna was playing tennis. In 2004 her Dad Vitaly, suggested for her to learn kickboxing for self–defense. So in 2004 she began her career in competitive kickboxing. Her first coach was Aleksei Dedov. From this first step she started her long career in this sport, with intensive training, self-conquests, and wins in the ring. Her coach recognized that Anna had the potential of becoming a great sportswoman. They discovered that her background in calisthenics was very useful, as her stretching and endurance worked to her benefit. After only one month of kickboxing training, her coach asked her to enter a competition. Anna agreed without hesitation and won. After a couple of months, her coach asked her to enter the Russian Championship. But she did not win this competition as she did not earn enough points. As she said to the reporters after her defeat, she swore that she would become a champion by all means necessary. After her defeat, Anna began to study taekwondo with the best coach in the city, Irina Konovalova who was the European champion. Thanks to Irina, Anna’s technique improved. Later on, she won most of her fights as a consequence of her unique technique in kicking.
In 2004 Anna entered the Voronezh Cooperative Institute, faculty of law. In 2007 Anna successfully graduated the institute with good grades.
Since 2006, Anna is member of the Russian federation kickboxing team.
In 2007 Anna entered Voronezh State University, Department of Law. At the same time she entered Voronezh State University for the additional qualification of translator in the field of professional communications.
In July 2010 Anna successfully graduated from the two departments. She received two qualifications. The first qualification is as a lawyer, and the second as a translator in the field of professional communications.
Anna is Master of sports
Anna holds a black belt in taekwondo
Since November 2010 she has been training in the USA
In July 2012 Anna signed a contract with WWE. Anna wrestled in NXT (WWE's developmental territory ) under the name Anya. Anya was named one of the 10 Top Prospects in WWE website Unfortunately in March 2013 Anya broke her arm, and had a serious surgery. 2 month after surgery Anya was released

Coaching staff:
Fuad Farziev - kickboxing
Larry Borden – kickboxing

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